Just a Left-Handed Girl, Living in a Righties World…

(Editor’s note: Title will ideally be sung to the tune of Don’t Stop Believing…)

After reading this glorious article on Buzzfeed entitled The 18 Worst Things for Left-Handed People, I felt compelled to share my own harrowing tales of life as a southpaw and also add a few more items to Buzzfeed’s very thorough list.

While Buzzfeed definitely hit on the major ones including the ink-stained hand, the spiral notebook/three-ring binder debacle (which is why I  am a big fan of top bound notebooks) and even the lesser appreciated coffee cup holder and can opener dilemmas, they missed a few of my personal tribulations that I thought were worth noting. Here’s what I’d add to the list!

1) Crank-style wall pencil sharpeners – anyone remember these/do they still use these? I standby the fact that these were made for righties because I had to awkwardly reach my left hand around to crank it because my poor underdeveloped right arm muscles were not strong enough to operate this device!

The wall crank pencil sharpener AKA the bane of my elementary school existence...
The wall crank pencil sharpener AKA the bane of my elementary school existence…

2) Sweeping – I’m actually curious to know if this is just me or if any other lefties are borderline handicapped when it comes to sweeping with a traditional broom? I am convinced that the slant of the broom is righty-favored and thus this is a chore for my right-handed boyfriend in my house.

Note the presumably right-hand optimized slant.

3) Renting golf clubs at the range – Maybe this is just a by-product of being a left-handed woman in the smallest state in the union (all odds against me!) but when I recently tried to borrow clubs at a local driving range the guy looked at me as if I had asked for a baseball bat rather than a golf club and laughed as he said, yeah we don’t have any of those…

My mom likes to say that I’m a lefty because I’ve been “difficult” (see also: not the norm, oppositional and anti-authority) since I came out of the womb. If I’m being honest she’s probably on to something. Being a lefty, whether genetic or a conscious choice seems to be a common trait for creative types who also happen to be just a *tad* rebellious. This is not necessarily a bad thing though! They say that most lefties are right-brained, which means they are inclined to make decisions based on emotion, intuition and nonverbal communication rather than logic.  Oh yeah and Dr. Oz even says we are smarter than righties!

Any lefties out there have anything else to add to the list of our oppression? Comment away!

2 thoughts on “Just a Left-Handed Girl, Living in a Righties World…

  1. its those desks! they still are around and as if it wasn’t stressful enough to take an essay exam!

    but at least we are smarter so it evens out the righty advantage 🙂

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