My Triumphant Return…

When I last left off, I was leaving NYC unsure of where I was headed but sure nevertheless that I was headed somewhere.  Well folks, I’ve returned to my twenty-something stomping grounds as an older, wiser, non-single, non-tray-carrying (or dropping) version of my former self.

The rumors are true – I am officially a Newport, RI resident once again! So how did I end up back where I started (ironically about a half mile from the scene of this blog’s masthead photo)?  The short answer is: I had a feeling.  I read the signs. I did what felt right in the moment.  I went with my gut.  I made a decision.  I made a choice. And here I am.  In the matter of two months I got a new job (SM/Digital Marketing for a social impact agency where my clients actually change lives, change minds and (attempt to) change the world), got a new apartment (a two-story, charming little place with a 200-year-old elm tree in the backyard) and somehow convinced my boyfriend to come along for the ride (I think).

People keep asking me if I miss NYC because really, it all happened pretty damn fast!  To be honest, this past week was the first time since leaving that I had a NYC nostalgia episode.  It came in the form of reading Emily Giffin’s latest beach read, set on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And even though every NY’er without a trust fund knows that it’s never as glamorous as the book makes it sound – I still had an “ohmygod I don’t live there anymore” moment of panic…but then I looked up from my kindle and out at the Atlantic Ocean and rolling hills of Newport’s Cliff Walk…and got over it pretty quickly.

So as I attempt to resurrect the Allie Zog Blog, I do so with a new angle.  I’ll be blogging about returning to a place where I spent my post-college “glory years”, going from an independent NYC girl to a co-habitating Newport couple, and most importantly I’ll be commenting on all the unique, crazy, overrated, underrated, and downright awesomeness that Newport has to offer.  I’m one part local, one part tourist and one part NYC snob, so I guarantee to provide some pretty interesting commentary!  Join me, won’t you?


I’m back!


I'm back!Ok, I took a longer break than expected because I literally couldn’t bring myself to leave my mini-paradise island in Rhode Island!


Had a great weekend in Newport, where I slept peacefully to the sound of birds chirping and a gentle fan breeze, consumed mass quantities of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and coronas and almost forgot I didn’t still live there!
I'm back!After stepping off the Amtrak in a crowded, humid and smelly Penn Station I pretty much decided that me and NYC were officially seeing other people. NYC, it’s not you, it’s me, but I really think it’s time we ended our tumultuous love affair….at least until I’ve had some time to clear my head and figure out what I really want…
Tomorrow I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging countdown to the big 3-0 but tonight I’ll leave you with the attached few images that will surely help frame my next few posts. Stay tuned!