Email address frenzy!

Since I first entered the “internetz” circa 1999 I’ve had 4 different personal email addresses (NOT counting various work email addresses).

First, it was AOL, then my college address, then Hotmail because AOL was “a joke,” THEN Yahoo because Hotmail was a joke…and NOW I feel Yahoo might be a joke and I should switch YET again to Gmail?! Where does it end folks? Will I forever be changing my email address every few years just to have the coolest, newest handle or is there really an advantage to me getting a Gmail account? I’ve completely phased out my AOL account (although as I noted in my earlier post, I totally DO still have my original AIM screen name), I basically keep my Hotmail account as my “sign up for stuff” account that I rarely check, although I definitely still get email there, and my Yahoo is currently my main, sent to my phone, email account.
To be honest, Yahoo works fine for my personal needs and rarely gives me any problems except for the occasional freeze or temporary glitch on my iPhone, but overall, it does the job. So, my question is this, should I really switch to Gmail just “because” or are there legitimate benefits to it? I need some concrete reasons why people! And is there an easy way to get the word out on my new address, any services that will forward from all my old accounts, etc.? Do social media types really judge someone by their email handle–I mean I’ve seriously heard people say (or occasionally seen people tweet) things like “he called himself a social media expert-and then gave me his Hotmail address, LOLZ” or something to that effect. So what’s the deal folks, convince me, switch to Gmail to be “hip” or just stop the insanity and keep what I have for now?

New Look!

Wow, I’ve spent way too much time tonight mulling over my new blog design. While the basic “harbor” theme that I remember loving so much when I first saw it on blogger a few years ago served me well (and reminded me of Newport, RI, one of my favorite places on Earth), I knew it was time for a *slightly* more mature look!

As much as I love, love, love the beach and wanted so badly to make my background a sunset on a pier in Tahiti, I figured I’d give my blog a “city edge” since that’s where I currently live and work.
How do you like it folks??
I’d love suggestions, help, ideas, etc. from my readers. Even though I work in social media I have a somewhat limited knowledge of web design, coding, etc. so this took me a few hours but I plan on adding some other stuff soon as well. Twitter widgets, photos, more pages, etc.
Along with the new look I also plan to add a lot more content to the blog and have been jotting down all the crazy things I want to write about on scraps of paper for the last few days now! Call it a “creative burst” but I’m feeling all bloggy again 🙂
More to come, so stay tuned!

Was there a football game?

I watch the Superbowl for the commercials, the halftime show and the snacks–let’s face it-I just don’t get the sport! As usual, there were good commercials, bad commercials and meh commercials. I know every blogger out there has analyzed and dissected and linked to just about every ad so I won’t rehash it all here. I’ll simply note that the best ad of the night-the only one that evoked true emotion-which I believe is the sign of advertising perfection, was the Google, Parisian Love ad. Hands down. Simple, to the point, told a story, displayed the product, memorable. For those of you who somehow missed it, Enjoy!

Beyond this-I laughed a few times and enjoyed Betty White Snickers, Dodge Charger, The Doritos ones (they were “edgy” come on) and the Megan Fox Motorola Ad. I definitely noticed a not so subtle theme of threatened masculinity and wonder if men are really that insecure? I’d like to think not…

What was YOUR favorite ad?

Makes you think…

Today was an emotional and strange day in the world of celebrity and news. We lost not one but two legends. One was tragic yet somewhat expected and one was seemingly out of the blue, although many people said they weren’t surprised by it.

The craziest thing about the deaths of Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and even Ed McMahon a few days ago is that I found out about all three of them through twitter. Not once when the stories were unfolding did I turn on the radio or the TV, and for the most part I didn’t even visit any major news sites. I literally followed the entire thing on twitter, noting who got the stories first and who was most accurate. Breaking News On (@breakingnewson) seemed pretty quick with updates and the celebrity bloggers and other celeb enthusiasts were quick with Retweets, updates and opinions. It was a true testament to the changing times that I essentially needed nothing more than my phone and twitter app to be completed up to date on Michael Jackson’s death. I saw a quick tweet at the end of my work date that mentioned him being taken to the ER but didn’t pay much attention to it in the midst of the Farrah mourning. Then, on my hour train ride, I settled in and checked my twitter stream, only to find out that history was being made. I teared up a few times from a combination of the obvious sadness of the death of an undisputed music legend, and also a bit from the impact of just getting all this info and reading all these people’s heartfelt messages all while sitting silently on the LIRR. At one point as I was deep in twitterland, I considered announcing MJ’s passing to my train car, or striking up a convo with the sleeping businessman next to me, but decided that would be too odd. It just felt so weird to be finding out such dramatic news while the people around me seemed to be clueless (at least those not on their phones). I also found it fascinating that TMZ legitimately broke the story first, followed by other celeb bloggers and less credible sources, and further more, they were totally on point. Next came the LA Times and finally after a few others came CNN. A lot has changed from the days of tuning into CNN because it was the ONLY source of 24 hour news around…

I just wanted to write something today to honor the deaths of three people who were legends in their own way. Putting all personal stuff aside (personal stuff which everyone has in one way or another) Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers our generation has ever seen. Ed McMahon was a household name that everyone loved. Farrah Fawcett was the embodiment of sexy and in her final days became an inspiration to us all with her brave battle. Although I never met any of these people and do feel that sometimes it’s crazy the way the public obsesses about celebs that they know nothing about personally, I think that these three people clearly impacted the world, and for that, they deserve our blessings. My thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones tonight.

On a completely unrelated note, I am off to Fire Island again this weekend, and plan on writing an epic post (or maybe event multiple posts) on my experiences there so far. I know, I’m a slacker!

Crazy week!

You know how they say, when it rains, it pours? While it is, quite literally, pouring out right now. As I sit in Subtle Tea, the place that has been my home away from home for the past 4 months that I have been “offficeless,” I can look back on the last 5 days and appreciate all the things that have happened. For one, I was lucky enough to be covering Internet Week for Pepsico and have been basking in the glory of being involved in all the excitement of the week, whether its been the seminars, the parties or just the tweets, its been fun to be a part of it. Check out all my posts so far, here, and keep checking back for more details here on my blog!

The second bit of excitement of the week is that I have officially accepted an offer for a full-time job starting very soon. Expect the juicy details soon…but I am very excited about this new opportunity and can’t wait to continue my professional adventures at a new place.

So, on this rainy Friday, I am looking forward to my future and saying goodbye to Subtle Tea (at least Monday-Friday…). I’ll miss you yummy Chai Lattes!