Pondering life from 30,000 feet…

Currently en route back to NYC from Lala land… Had a great few days in LA with coworkers and a great meeting with a new client. Sitting at an outdoor cafe a few hours before boarding my flight back to the concrete jungle I had yet another epiphany about life. NYC is NOT the place for me. This time I mean it! I am beach person – always have been, always will be. I instantly feel better just knowing that the ocean is nearby…and when I can SEE it and SMELL it and FEEL it – I feel 100% at home. I guess techincally NYC is an island and the ocean is nearby, but dirt doesn’t count as sand and for some reason there is no “ocean breeze” to be found…

When I think back on my years living by the beach in Narragansett, RI, Newport, RI and then again in Long Beach, NY – I realize I was A LOT more relaxed and “chill” and “easy-going”…

These words used to describe me but now I am just another nervous-nellie (as Carrie Kerpen my lovely boss calls me), high-strung, uptight, stressed out, negative-Nancy NY’er. Not cool 😦

Yes, I moved to NYC to focus on my career, dream big, live the NYC life and expeience it all while I was young and uninhibited. But now I’m not so young, not so unihibited and fully aware that I can HAVE an amazing job and DO an amazing job from anywhere (well maybe not anywhere, but definitely from somewhere other than NYC…like say a beach town in Cali, New England or elsewhere…)

Will I feel this way tomorrow? Who knows… When I wake up tomorrow morning to the bustling scene of a NYC spring morning on the Upper West side and go get my morning coffee and bagel from Zabar’s will I still feel like I need to immediately move to a beach town and chill down my lifestyle? Not sure… But for today – I have decided, in the words of the great Ray LaMontagne – “Gotta get out of New York City…New York City’s killing me…”

2 thoughts on “Pondering life from 30,000 feet…

  1. I LOVE my Nervous Nellie. But I support any and all decisions that lead you to a more relaxed, beachier existence. Feel free to open up an office at a beachside locale!!!<3 and support you always!

  2. I too do not see myself in NYC forever. I hate being cold all the time and everyone in Manhattan is so angry! Am I a country girl trapped in a city girl's body?!

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