Just another day…

Just another day...Some days nothing out of the ordinary happens…other days you have a totally random only-in-NYC-and-at-Likeable kinda day. Today was one of those.

The day included:

…My buzz builders (what we call our interns) making a remix of the Fresh Prince of Belaire rap and making me sport a fluorescent NKOTB hat while they filmed me

…People randomly laying face down in different odd spots around our office – or what I later learned was “planking” -Never heard of it? Neither did I! Read about it here – You’re welcome 🙂

…A good old-fashioned hot dog eating contest with an added Likeable twist – contestants had to wear our now -famous orange foam thumb while competing

Just another day...…A late lunch break at Bryant Park where I got all weepy missing my boyfriend and remembering when he used to meet me there for lunch breaks back in the day

…An awesome run along the Hudson river followed by a frozen yogurt delight on a park bench

All in a pretty solid day dontcha think? Oh – and happy #socialmedia day to those who celebrate…(I say that because I’m often reminded by my non-SM friends that they don’t know what I’m talking about half the time.) Just today, I got questioned when I wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall “FTW.” Jen/Erin if you’re reading this, it means “For The Win!


Pondering life from 30,000 feet…

Currently en route back to NYC from Lala land… Had a great few days in LA with coworkers and a great meeting with a new client. Sitting at an outdoor cafe a few hours before boarding my flight back to the concrete jungle I had yet another epiphany about life. NYC is NOT the place for me. This time I mean it! I am beach person – always have been, always will be. I instantly feel better just knowing that the ocean is nearby…and when I can SEE it and SMELL it and FEEL it – I feel 100% at home. I guess techincally NYC is an island and the ocean is nearby, but dirt doesn’t count as sand and for some reason there is no “ocean breeze” to be found…

When I think back on my years living by the beach in Narragansett, RI, Newport, RI and then again in Long Beach, NY – I realize I was A LOT more relaxed and “chill” and “easy-going”…

These words used to describe me but now I am just another nervous-nellie (as Carrie Kerpen my lovely boss calls me), high-strung, uptight, stressed out, negative-Nancy NY’er. Not cool 😦

Yes, I moved to NYC to focus on my career, dream big, live the NYC life and expeience it all while I was young and uninhibited. But now I’m not so young, not so unihibited and fully aware that I can HAVE an amazing job and DO an amazing job from anywhere (well maybe not anywhere, but definitely from somewhere other than NYC…like say a beach town in Cali, New England or elsewhere…)

Will I feel this way tomorrow? Who knows… When I wake up tomorrow morning to the bustling scene of a NYC spring morning on the Upper West side and go get my morning coffee and bagel from Zabar’s will I still feel like I need to immediately move to a beach town and chill down my lifestyle? Not sure… But for today – I have decided, in the words of the great Ray LaMontagne – “Gotta get out of New York City…New York City’s killing me…”

Major life updates

Whoa, whoa, whoa–it’s the end of MAY already?! Once again, I’ve been completely MIA with no good excuse at all. In my defense though, here is a rundown of the major life changes that have occurred since my last post!

Left my job of the past year for a new beginning, said goodbye to some really great and interesting people
Started my new job with an incredible company that is very “likeable!” (more details to come!)
Celebrated my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend (by far the longest relationship of my life for those who were wondering)
Found out said-boyfriend is moving (temporarily, hopefully) to pursue his passion of coaching and teaching and generally molding and influencing young minds (commendable)
I promise to write more (a promise I KEEP making), until then–thanks for sticking with me folks! 🙂


I had to post this here because I am still laughing about it a full day later. One of my best friends forwarded me an old IM convo she had saved from a few years ago. It took place I would guess within the first month of my first “real world” job at a PR firm in NY (Editor’s note: I spent the previous 3+ years waiting tables by the beach in Newport, RI). Big public thank you to my friend Jen for getting me through those first few rocky weeks. I think we can all appreciate when we first learned of the infamous “BCC”…

(And yes my AOL screename was, and embarasssingly still IS, smilesah)
SmilesAH: what does IT stand for
SmilesAH: like computer fixer for our office is called “IT” guy
jnylee22: IT?
jnylee22: usually Internet and Technology for dept type things at work
jnylee22: is that what you mean
SmilesAH: i dont know these terms, im not cut out for corporate world
SmilesAH: i should just be left to write free flowing poetry and mail it into someone else to publish, i dont like CCing, and did u know u can BCC? and the expression “going forward”?
jnylee22: yeah i never say “going forward”…but i BCC all the time
jnylee22: you know what people say at my work all the time that i hate…?
jnylee22: ‘please advise’
SmilesAH: yes, HATE IT…umm BCCing reminds me of that scene in mean girls with the 3 way calling
SmilesAH: i dont like it, its sneaky
jnylee22: yeah people at my work only do it when they’re trying to make someone see how stupid someone else is
jnylee22: ‘like hey i just bcc’d you on that email to mandy..what a dumbass hahahaha’
jnylee22: and then we all laugh
SmilesAH: can the BCCed see who else got it
jnylee22: yes
jnylee22: but not if someone another bccer
jnylee22: just either the tos or the CCs
jnylee22: the bcc can see everyone except another bccer
SmilesAH: but no one else can see the BCCed
jnylee22: right
SmilesAH: SHIT
SmilesAH: so peopleknow they were Bcc
jnylee22: right
SmilesAH: shitshitshit
SmilesAH: i so wrongly BCCed today!
jnylee22: hahahahahaha
jnylee22: why what happened?
SmilesAH: well i was sending what this reporter thought was an exclusive story idea to him, but I was sending it to another reporter too, so i BCCed one, figuring neither could see each, so The one who was BCCed knows it went to someone else but the one who was To doesnt know anyone else got it right?>
SmilesAH: I need to figure out whose gonna be pissed at me
jnylee22: yes thats exactly it
SmilesAH: so the TO is gonna be pissed
jnylee22: no the BCC is gonna be pissed
SmilesAH: so theres no way to send to multiple people blindly?
SmilesAH: ohh right, the BCC
SmilesAH: the TO didnt see the BCCed
SmilesAH: ahhhhh I hate corporate america, i thought screwing up somones drink order was bad
jnylee22: yeah you can…send it to yourself as the TO and BCC both seperated by commas
SmilesAH: ohhh the double BCC is that legal??
jnylee22: yes very
SmilesAH: u have to TO someone
jnylee22: you do
jnylee22: its just that sometimes with that it looks shady bc they know they got that email somehow and they prob know that trick
SmilesAH: this is very helpful Jen i must say, good thing I didnt also BCC my boss like were supposed to when we send important clients emails, because then shed know my error
SmilesAH: its all coming together, how come no one explained
jnylee22: i thought it was known
SmilesAH: ur like a fountain of knowledge right now
jnylee22: but then again i mustve just got it when i started at verisign
SmilesAH: ive spent the last 7 years of my life behind a frosted glass, how would i know these things
jnylee22: i dont know al, im just glad i was here to help

Crazy week!

You know how they say, when it rains, it pours? While it is, quite literally, pouring out right now. As I sit in Subtle Tea, the place that has been my home away from home for the past 4 months that I have been “offficeless,” I can look back on the last 5 days and appreciate all the things that have happened. For one, I was lucky enough to be covering Internet Week for Pepsico and have been basking in the glory of being involved in all the excitement of the week, whether its been the seminars, the parties or just the tweets, its been fun to be a part of it. Check out all my posts so far, here, and keep checking back for more details here on my blog!

The second bit of excitement of the week is that I have officially accepted an offer for a full-time job starting very soon. Expect the juicy details soon…but I am very excited about this new opportunity and can’t wait to continue my professional adventures at a new place.

So, on this rainy Friday, I am looking forward to my future and saying goodbye to Subtle Tea (at least Monday-Friday…). I’ll miss you yummy Chai Lattes!