The test…live from vegas!

I wish it were a little sunnier here, poolside, at the Venetian in Vegas…but hey, I’m not complaining!

So I’ve been in Vegas the past two days at a Social Media Conference with my boss learning all the latest tricks and trends in the social media phenomenon. I learned a lot and was super excited to jump on my laptop and play around on the internet the second the conference was over. I am currently the picture perfect image of an uptight New Yorker, wearing her business attire, shoes AND socks at the pool while typing furiously away on her laptop as children splash and play in the background…
So being my first time in Vegas and all, I definitely have to say it’s a great city. Do people actually live here though? I mean seriously, imagine waking up and seeing that giant 3-d TV screen with the mermaid coming out of it right outside your window? It’s just nuts…the lights, the energy…definitely cool!
Ok, so back to the test I mentioned in the title. It came up at the conference that a great way to utilize social media is to know what people are saying about you, and your company. That being said, there’s a great way to track every time your name or company appears online by using the fabulous google alert tool. Sounds good right? So I wonder, are all these social media experts really practicing what they preach? If so, I expect to here from you David Pogue, Tech Editor of the New York Times. You totally have a new fan, thanks for the laughs, insight, and truly helpful info!
Not to short change anyone else who may have google alerted their name…I also really enjoyed Steve Crescenzo’s speeches and found Jim Ylisela, a former reporter currently with Ragan Consulting, to be chock full of useful info. Because of his presentation, I vow to convince the rest of my office to break out of the boring press release mold, get rid of our made-up crappy quotes and keep our writing clean, simple and SPICY!
Stay tuned, more to come from Sin City later…

2 thoughts on “The test…live from vegas!

  1. You totally caught me! Yes, Google Alerts flagged my name in your post–I do, in fact, practice what I preach.But I really enjoyed reading your post, so it was all worthwhile! :)–David Pogue

  2. hey allie it’s victoria from uri.i use google alerts for my name just to be aware of anytime my name is in print, but i use them for research work all the time.which social media conference are you at?

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