What’d you call me?

Yesterday afternoon found me and our VP at a sales training seminar in the Financial District for most of the afternoon. Yawn I thought, Big yawn. Surprisingly though, it was not only interesting but also quite useful.

At first I didn’t think of myself as being in sales, but I quickly realized that selling myself and my business is really the same as selling say…toner. It’s all in the approach. Jim Ryerson from Sales Octane was energetic and hilarious as he pointed out to everyone in the room what they probably already knew about themselves but tried to hide.

He crushed our VP with the news that she isn’t quite as organized and detail oriented as people think. “But I balance my checkbook everyday,” she pleaded looking for his approval (apparently another trait of Drivers and Influencers, which she and I both are!).

So did he get it right with me? Well I’ll let you decide. Argumentative, enthusiastic, sometimes hard to manage (hehe), impulsive, people-oriented, wants to be the life of the party, outgoing, persuasive, ambitious…you get the idea…

Interesting stuff, and the best part was when he not only related your personality type to business relationships but to personal ones as well. I think I may have picked up a few valuable tips…I can’t wait to read “The 5 Languages of Love,” as recommended by Jim for even more insight!

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