Sunday night

Just a quick post because I’m having my usual Sunday night anxiety/insomnia after a sweet fall weekend, complete with wine tasting, apple pie, and one of those two hour walks on the boardwalk talking about everything from religion to black socks with white sneakers (everyone knows this is a major fashion faux paus right??)

As I was checking my emails, paying my bills, looking at my planner for the week’s agenda, and watching my Sunday night shows, I remembered that we were assigned “homework” just before the 5 o’clock whistle on Friday at work. Panic has now set in, as it did so many times before, in Jr. High, High School, College…wait did I ever really do homework??

Anyway, I digress. Seeing how it is now 11:42 pm and counting, I am faced with a dilemma I have had MANY times before. Do I try and do it now, when I’m tired (although apparently not too tired to write this while simultaneously watching a Two and Half Men rerun on the CW) or do I set my alarm early and do it in the morning? Odds are pretty good that I will hit snooze 2-3 times, then take an extra long shower, change my outfit 4 times and show up to my morning staff meeting flustered, unprepared and praying that I don’t get called on.

A less serious Allie may have rolled the dice with the quick, morning homework scramble, but this Allie is doing it now, I promise! Tired or not…

Speaking of other Allie’s, stay tuned for my latest “other” Allie Herzog story…our paths have crossed…I wonder if I’ll get my domain name back now? 🙂

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