Had some time to think this weekend on my own, which almost always leads to over-analyzation (is that a word) on all subjects…I guess it’s the writer in me…

Last weekend I was in my often mentioned favorite town of Newport, RI. I am adding my first pictures to this blog (if it works) to try and capture how truly serene it is there for those of you who have not been.

While there, I of course had a momentary mental crisis in which I questioned why I ever left such a peaceful existence and the easy living of a writer by day, waitress by night, party girl by late night, life. As I sat at the bar at my old place of work, seeing far less familiar faces than my last visit, I realized that it was the right decision to move on. My NY life is sometimes filled with stress, money woes, traffic and more stress but it is also filled with excitement, motivation, a meaningful career, new friends and relationships and a dream of fame and fortune (fingers crossed).

Lately though, I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a little friendless. Not in the pathetic, I literally have no friends way, just in the fact that I don’t have all that many close friends around me in NY these days, and I don’t have a giant group that I roll with like I did back in the day. I guess that is a part of growing up. Friends get married, have children, move, and that giant posse of ever-ready to party pals becomes a lot smaller. You begin to hang with couples (if your a couple) or work friends, or friends of convenience, but sometimes you just really miss your old friends.

I guess I am not the only one who feels this way though. Recently an old best friend from college who I lost touch with (she lives in Chicago now) contacted me. It brought on an email chain between old friends that went on for about 200 emails in the past couple of weeks between 10 or 12 friends who are now spread all over the country and doing all sorts of things. A big reunion is now set for December in NY and a spring trip to include even more of us is brewing. Yay for old friends reuniting!

Sometimes on the flip side, you just grow apart from people who may have once been close to you. You change or grow, they don’t, or vice-versa, but if they were really as important to you as you thought, then you learn to accept the differences. If not, then you move on, appreciate the friendship for what it was and look forward to making new friends and cherishing the ones that will remain forever…

On a final, and completely off-topic note–Congrats to my boss, Hilary Topper for being chosen as a finalist for Blogger of the Year by the Stevie Awards. Check out her blog at And yes, that is me with the giant cookie from my darling boyfriend 🙂

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