Where do I begin?

Well July is nearly over and I haven’t written one post. Let’s see, what have I been up to/thinking about/doing?

  • Worked a full month at the new job. It’s challenging and rewarding and hey, they pay me…can’t complain so far 🙂
  • Visited my favorite town in the world, Newport, RI and had a great time seeing old friends, old hangouts and lots of sun, sand, food and bev
  • Started my search for an apartment in NYC…if you have ever done it, then you know, this is no easy task…requirements for me include actual windows, close to subway, balcony/roofdeck a HUGE plus, near grocery store or laundry (if not IN building) oh yeah and lots of closet space and maybe one of those cute breakfast nooks in the kitchen…am I asking too much?? I’ll keep you posted!

There’s so much going on in my life I have found it hard to find the time to write. Also, I realized how easy it was to write when I was working for myself (or hardly working) because I could say whatever was on my mind…and there was A LOT. But now things have changed and I realize there are some things I should save for my private journal (or a super secret blog site!). I do plan to write more especially about things that interest me and that I am passionate about such as music, travel (which I hope to do A LOT of in 2010) and more. So thanks for sticking with me folks….I promise not to disappoint 🙂

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