13 degrees!

It’s cold this morning in the NYC. There is a major draft coming through the heater in my new apartment–go figure. I’m up earlier than I would have liked due to the cold and the contradicting bright sun streaming through my window…

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Last week I was in Tyson’s Corner, VA for a Social Media for Government conference. It was pretty rad. I got to hear from a bunch of brilliant minds on the topics of privacy, security, community building and new social media tools. I got to put a real face to some of the tiny little avatar pictures I’ve been following on twitter forever. It was good to be meeting people and learning-two things I always want to be accomplishing in my professional life.
Last weekend I moved which was relatively easy thanks to Arturo’s moving van company (highly recommend!). As I slowly get settled in, figure out where to put my TV to optimize the viewing angle, wait for my couch delivery (another shout out-downtown furniture in Chinatown delivers and assembles for free!) and muster up the strength to venture outside for a DD coffee, I feel grateful for my (relatively) warm bed and roof over my head when hundreds of thousands of people are living in tent cities without food or clean drinking water. So yes, it may be chilly here in NY today, and everything may not be perfect in my life-but taking a minute to realize how very lucky I really am is always a surefire way to jump start my day!
PS, if you haven’t donated any money yet to help the people of Haiti–please sacrifice your Starbucks today and do so here.

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