Ew-I’m old!

This weekend I was reminded that 21 was a loooong time ago and 18 was well, even longer…

As I waited on a LINE at 10pm on a Saturday night at a bar that I was clearly too old for (was there for a going away party-didn’t CHOOSE bar that shall remain anonymous but is probably sounding familiar, especially if you are from LI!), I was freezing, but at least wearing ample clothing and “comfortable” shoes in comparison with the girls in itty bitty skirts and high heels, it occurred to me that I am now “sensible?!” I remember vividly running from our cars to the bar or skipping between frat houses in a tank top and black pants-no coat-even in the winter-because that was the “thing” to do. God I was stupid back then!
Standing in a mosh of loud music, flailing arms and splashing sticky cocktails is soo not fun to me–yet eons ago I swear it was! The night actually turned out comical and a pleasant reminder of naive youth and the way your idea of fun “evolves” the older you get. It was also funny to note that most of the music “kids today” were dancing and singing along to was popular “in my day.” Bet they don’t even know who sings half those songs! 🙂

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