The Olympics!

I’ve always been a sucker for the Olympics. Maybe it’s because the only sports I was ever any good at were gymnastics and track which are only really mainstream during the Olympics. While I’ve always like the Summer games better for the obvious reasons, the Winter games are made of just as many heartwarming tales and tear-worthy moments, which is what I love most about the Olympic games.

This year’s Vancouver games started on a sad note with the passing of the Georgian Luger, but the opening ceremonies in general (especially the parade of athletes!) always invoke tears for me. This year’s highlight was the remake of “We are the World” (watch the video here if you haven’t seen it–pretty awesome), and lots of surprise celebrity Canadian guests. Who knew there were so many famous Canadians?
My absolute favorite thing about the Olympics is the behind the scenes stories you don’t see on the medal stand. The lone bob-sledder from Ghana that somehow overcame the odds to make it to the games, or the kid from America who grew up poor and made it out of poverty because of their “gift.” What can I say, I’ve always loved a good story!
This Olympics, I’ll be looking forward to watching some snowboarding (go Gretchen Bleiler!) as well as some skating and hockey. What’s your favorite part of the games?

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