Being a grown-up…

Lately I’ve really started to feel like a “grown-up”…I guess at 29, it’s about time!

Things that make me feel mature (note I said “mature” and NOT old!):
  • Being okay with spending a Friday night in (or actually preferring to do so!)
  • Thinking about a financial plan for the future, ie. saving to buy a house, get married (gasp!), putting money away for retirement (whoa…)
  • Actually being able to picture myself settled down in a real house with a kitchen table and welcome mat and ideally even a backyard (all those things you don’t get as a renter/nomad! Since college I think I’ve lived in approximately 9 different apartments..I may be ready for a permanant address…)
  • Being in a book club (personally, I don’t think this makes me old but some of my co-workers disagree!)
I’m sure there are a lot more to add to this list because recently I’ve really started feeling like I’m finally “acting my age.” This is definitely not a bad thing and I keep reminding myself that 29 is still totally young and I have a long and fun life ahead. I think because up until recently, I was a few years behind maturity-wise, and now I suddenly feel like I aged about 10 years in a few months (Those that knew me from about 18-26ish can attest to my slightly sub-par maturity level)! When I look back at the carefree life I used to lead, I often feel a tinge of nostalgia, but then I look at how far I’ve come and the life I’ve made for myself and realize that I’ve really “come into my own” and “found myself” and all those other cliche things. Of course, somedays I wouldn’t mind going back to my Newport days where my only concern was making sure I had clean black pants for my waitressing shift that night, and what bar I’d be sipping cocktails at after my shift…BUT…I can say with about 98% certainty that taking a leap of faith and coming back to NY was the right choice…AND…that I will be successful (ahem, rich) and happy (cough, rich) and healthy (and rich) if I continue to take chances, work hard and stay true to myself. And, if things don’t work out, I have a backup plan–three words, EAT, PRAY, LOVE 🙂

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